Professional window cleaning in Dublin

Residential and commercial window cleaning service in Dublin and parts of Meath, Kildare and Wicklow. 

We use the latest Reach and Wash cleaning equipment and Pure Water Technology to clean all windows and conservatories safely and efficiently.

Our high reach window cleaning systems allow access to normally
inaccessible areas and avoids the use of ladders.

Have the windows of your property cleaned professionally in a convenient and eco-friendly way!

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Professional window cleaning in Dublin

Why choose our window cleaning Service

Professional contractors offer a “Fast, Safe and Affordable” roof cleaning and moss removal service on residential and commercial properties.

The professionals use purified water to clean windows. This prevents dust from building up after we’ve cleaned them. The use of detergents is not necessary thanks to the advanced technology, which makes the service more environmentally friendly.

What types of windows do we clean?

*NOTE: The vehicle of the window cleaning team has to be parked within 30 meters of the property on the same side as the windows so the service can take place. If no parking is available, we can use the detachable system, which can only reach up to the second floor.



Minimum Call Out, includes up to 10 windows
Between 10 to 15 windows
Between 15 to 20 windows
Between 20 to 25 windows


Two bedroom house
Three bedroom house
Four bedroom house
Five bedroom house
Extension extra 5/10
All prices are for external windows cleaning. For inside windows clean the price is the same as the outside price. The price does not include second floors, loft conversions glass porches, sky lights and conservatories.

Window Cleaning FAQ

Do I need to be at home when you come to clean my windows?

No need to wait at home for your exterior cleaning appointment, unless the only way to get to the backyard is through your house. But of course, you’ll need to be home if we’re cleaning inside your house!

Window size, location and type play a large role in the cost, as a professional could clean an entire set of residential windows for the same price as one large commercial window. Other factors that might be considered when pricing a job are paint and stain removal, the presence of mineral deposits, and the addition of shutter and blind cleaning.

You need to have your windows cleaned twice a year: the first cleaning is an in and out, usually done in the fall, the second is an outside only, usually done 5 to 7 months after the in and out.

There really is no bad time to have your windows cleaned. Often times individuals are concerned about having their windows cleaned during the winter months fearing possibility of rain. Rain is not a concern and winter months are as good of a time as any to clean your windows. One of the best times to have them cleaned, regardless of time of year, is when they are dirty!

Often people think of having their windows professionally cleaned as a luxury and they rarely think it is needed. The truth is, window cleaning can be a key factor in your windows lasting to their full lifespan in the long run. Our Eco Cleaning Company offers other exterior home services as well, like pressure washing and roof cleaning, and may offer you a package deal.

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