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Domestic and commercial PV systems are constantly exposed to the elements. If dust and dirt are left to accumulate, the effectiveness of your solar panel system can become compromised. In short, surface debris means that solar cells are limited when it comes to the amount of solar energy they can absorb.

Best practice suggests solar panels should be cleaned on a regular basis – at least annually and preferably twice per annum depending on their location and variable weather conditions.

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Why Solar Panel Cleaning is So Important

An experienced solar panel cleaner will always ask when the panels were installed and if they have been cleaned before. From that, he will ain reasons why cleaning solar panels is important is that it can help to extend their lifespan.

Solar panels are designed to be durable and with proper maintenance, they can last for many years without needing much attention.

Cleaning them regularly helps ensure that they are running at peak efficiency which in turn helps to extend their useful life.

The factors your solar panel cleaner will take into account when providing you a price are:

Over time, debris, dust, and bird droppings can accumulate on your panels. This can cover the panel surface, shading a few cells here and there. Solar panels don’t perform well with partial shade, in fact, partial shade can reduce your solar panel’s efficiency by up to 70%. This is since solar cells are connected in series, meaning that if one cell is shaded, it’ll block the electricity flow in this string, so you lose a whole string output, not just a single cell.

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Pricing is based on a cost of €5 per square metre of solar panels. All pricing will be advised at the time of booking the appointment and confirmed on the day prior to work commencing.

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